2015 "Absurdist" Calendar

"Absurdist Calendar" photography + photo compositing / manipulation

The genesis of this project formed in a friend’s kitchen while we were cooking dinner. We were discussing how we wanted to work on a recreational project and involve some of our imaginative and energetic friends. We started the project with nothing more than a desire to mingle productively with our friends.

Through our filter of “absurdist photo shoots,” most of the photos took on a staged, theatrical quality that contained each person’s own “character.” Each image could be seen as a still frame from a play. We did not really foresee this and we were initially, mostly interested in the spontaneity and freedom of the project. Sometimes, just the action of doing before hyper-defining themes can be a rewarding process.

The photos from this calendar were exhibited in the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in 2014 thanks to KC+ Connect.